Well, another race is in the can.  The quck and dirty numbers, $51,265 in ducks sales, and 13,058 ducks.  Tom took home the big prize for #1 sales.  Curt Chambers' team took home the prize for top sales team.

Thanks to everyone who showed up Saturday & Sunday to help with sales and the event itself.  We had a big crew helping pull everything down, which makes it fast and easy.  And, judging by the smile, laughter and noise level at the Sawtooth club afterwards, everyone had a good time.

I'll leave most of the specific "Thank You"s to the Duck Race leadership team, but I am compelled to thank Hailee Blomquist who showed up Friday & Saturday & Sunday to help with data input.  She was fast and accurate.  And best of all, she brought her sone Cash along who was endlessly entertaining for my daughter.  Okay, and for me too.  Thank you Hailee!

And also to the Duck Feet crew.  You guys are awesome.  6:00am was early, and cold.  Thank you.  These fine Rotarians, Tom Keenan, Ben Varner, Jeff Smith, John Scherer, John Lloyd, and Scott Mason, not only showed up at 6:00am Sunday morning, but I didn't hear any bemoanment of fate from them.  All I heard was "Go ahead Will. Stop Will.  Go ahead Will.  Stop Will."  Yeah, the team lets me steer the ship that morning.  I'm not sure why they get such a kick out of it, but I suspect it has something to do with the police car right in front of us.

Finally, I won't thank the coordinator, even though she deserves it, because she hates that.  I won't mention any names, because she hates that.  But by golly, I don't know what we'd do without her.