The membership committee recently met to discuss all things membership.  It was a fun and lively gathering at the Power House in Hailey.  The weather was perfect and the beer was cold.  Most importantly the members were excited and engaged to be doing something.  If you're interested in getting involved with Membership, join the committee!
Davis will cover membership in detail on the 9th, but for just a quick teaser, here are a few concepts the committee covered:
  • Targeting specific business for membership.  The committee began a list, but this process will take all of us.  Who do you know that should come to a meeting?
  • Clarifying our message.  Would it help to have a small brochure to share with prospective members?
  • Membership drives.  Barbecues.  Wine Tastings.  Pot Lucks.  Lawn Darts & Horseshoes.  What would be fun enough to invite a friend?
  • Red Badge Program.  A clear and precise list of tasks to complete to become a full Rotarian.
  • Mentoring Program.  Speaker Follow-up.  And a whole lot more.  
Don't miss the meeting on August 9 to learn more.