In response to Duck Race Season pressure, we're going to do something silly - Board games.

Not "Monopoly," "Chess," or "Scrabble."  We're going to play games with the Rotary Board Members!
So, if you're a board member, attendance is mandatory.  Failure to attend will result in the applied appelation of "craven coward."  Oh, and, a penalty, how about this.  Failure to attend will result in your automatic elevation to committee chair.  We still need a Service Chair and a PR chair.  I don't know if I can actually pull that one off, we'll have to take a vote from the rest of the Board members who were there, who weren't "craven cowards."

If you're not a board member, we really need you!  Who else will challenge tease and taunt?  I know our club members pretty well.  I think challenge tease and taunt will appeal to the lot of you.